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Eligibility & Requirements

Investment requirements:
By investing in a Pass2America / Pass2NY Regional Centers, located in a targeted employment area (TEA), the investor is only required to invest $900,000 instead of the standard investment amount of $1,800,000 which is necessary under the non-regional center EB-5 Program. A targeted employment area is defined as an area that has an unemployment rate that is 150% of the national average. All of Pass2America / Pass2NewYork's current Regional Centers are located in targeted employment areas.

Job Creation Requirements:
Each EB-5 visa investor must create at least 10 direct or indirect full time U.S. jobs as a result of their investment. If the investment is made outside of a regional center, the USCIS requires that the 10 jobs created from the investment be directly created jobs only.

Source of Investment Funds:
The investor must document the origins of the funds they are using for the investment. The investor must demonstrate that their $900,000 EB-5 Visa investment capital is from a legal source. Regulations prohibit the use of assets acquired by unlawful means. Bank statements alone are not sufficient to prove the lawful source of the funds. The investor must therefore show a "pattern of income" to justify the EB-5 investment. Income tax records should be submitted along with savings and personal investment records to prove the investor has earned necessary funds over time. An investor may receive a gift of funds for investing in an EB-5 Program; however the USCIS will still require the necessary information to track the source of the funds from the person giving the gift.

At risk investment:
There can be no guarantees on an EB-5 Visa investment. The EB-5 investor's investment must be truly at risk.